Deepening customer relationships

Every business wants a closer relationship with its customers. With quodos, you can:

  • Provide targeted discounts that suit your business and delight your customers.
  • Reward customers for their loyalty to your business.
  • Turn your customers into your sales team by rewarding customer referrals.
  • Create your own membership models (free, or monthly subscription) to provide ongoing discounts and offers to your most important customers.

Leverage your social media spend

Spending time and effort on digital media marketing? Push quodos offers through your digital channels, and figure out what marketing spend is really working for your business

Segment your customer base

Your loyal customers are your most important customers - reward them with deals that other customers can’t see.

Make your customers your sales force

quodos makes customer referral programmes a breeze. Reward your customers when they refer other customers to your business - and pay out only when those customers spend with you.

Automate everything

quodos is a fully automated platform. Once you’ve set up your offers, we can will provide you with tailored content that you can push out to your customers through your existing social media feeds.

How do my customers pay?

The best part? quodos seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, requiring no point-of-sale changes or staff training.

Powered by Mastercard, with just a simple tap, customers can effortlessly redeem offers using Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Grow your business with offers that always make you money

What offers can quodos support?

quodos allows your business to generate sophisticated offers for your customers at a touch of a button. Want to encourage more business during fallow periods or reward customer referrals? We’ve got you covered.

How do they work?

With quodos, offers are easy to set up. Simply sign-in to quodos, configure what sort of offer you wish to provide to your customers, and take it from there. All transactions are settled in full to you through the Mastercard network.

How do my customers find out?

quodos Offers are simple for customers to redeem. Simply copy the offer link to your existing social media channels, plus the suggested marketing text - and monitor how well the offer performs as the business rolls in.

What are the returns?

Customers holding gift or loyalty cards typically overspend by 30%. quodos allows you to track how customers are financially interacting with your business - in real time.

quodos app and portal sample

Leapfrog big-brand loyalty programmes

Global retailers invest millions in their gift and loyalty programmes - because they work. quodos brings big-brand loyalty capabilities - and more - to any merchant who cares about digital outreach. We help you understand what resonates with your customers, track their participation, and refine your strategies to create even more compelling promotions and achieve even greater success.

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