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Turbocharge your rebate programme with Quodos

Quodos is a mobile payments app that turbocharges your rebate programme. Simplify your rebate process using quodos, integrate customer referral programmes at the click of a button, and grow your customer engagement rates by 1000%.

Easily launch rebate campaigns and delight your customers by offering tailored accessories and new products from your brand

  • Use referrals to capture lookalike audiences
  • Capture valuable feedback through in app surveys and competitions
  • Engage your customers with a branded prepaid card - bring your brand top of mind
  • Data-driven product recommendations and cart reminders

Rebates work - make them work for you

Savvy brands understand the value of customer rebates - the numbers speak for themselves.


of customers trust recommendations from friends and family


better retention for referred customers


higher lifetime value for referred customers


Sales from word of mouth marketing

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Want a brand that sticks like glue?

Quodos enhances the rebate process for premium goods, making it effortless for customers to claim rebates. We make customers stickier through referrals, upselling, and other rewards that customers love.

  • Digitize your Rebate process
  • Full visibility of customer engagement with your brand
  • Create enduring relationships with your customers
  • Automated, trackable customer referrals
  • Build brand loyalty through engagement rewards
  • Upsell and cross-sell with targeted offers

Rebates work. Make them work harder.

For the first time, brands can launch their own in-store referral programme with quodos. Your rebate customers refer their friends amd you pay only for successful referrals - after your new customers have purchased your products. The Quodos App puts your brand in the pockets of your referral consumers, giving you the tools to turn these customers into loyal brand advocates.

  • Easy sign-up
  • Zero changes to your existing systems
  • Flexible branding
  • Unlock lookalike audiences
  • Premium Support
  • Rapid deployment
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We love to work with brands and agencies

Quodos simplifies existing rebate programs and opens up new ways for merchants to engage with their customers.

If you are managing rebate or loyalty programmes for brands, and are looking for ways to turbo-charge their growth - then contact us.